Diploma Of Leadership And Management

Diploma Of Leadership And Management (BSB51915)

At DeakinPrime we’ve been developing leaders for more than 25 years, and our expertise is unparalleled. Developing great leaders and managers has always been our business, and we know what constitutes successful professional development programs because we work alongside our clients every day developing them.

DeakinPrime’s Diploma of Leadership and Development (BSB51915) is a blended learning approach that uses multiple modes in line with our 70:20:10 philosophy. On completion it also provides learners with entry to and eight points toward their Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management at Deakin University. This program has already been recognised nationally and was recently awarded the 2016 Platinum LearnX award for ‘Best Learning Module’ (Blended) and Gold for the ‘Best Learning Project’ (Certification).

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