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What can you do with a business degree? Business administration degree jobs, Careers in business

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if you’re wondering what jobs you can do with your bachelor’s degree in business or MBA then stay tuned as I run you through your career options in this quick video.

It’s been estimated that 40 per cent of graduate vacancies do not ask for specific degree subjects. A business degree will have helped you develop a range of transferable skills that you can bring to any job.
This is great news as it means that earning a business management degree isn’t going to tie you down to one job for the rest of your life. There are a variety of career options open to you once you have the proper knowledge and training under your belt.

Now watch the video for the top 9 Business Administration Jobs and Careers you can expect to choose from after you get your business degree. Many of these are entry level needing only a bachelor’s degree but getting an MBA will increase your employability and scope for promotion.

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  1. I'm taking marketing at the moment, but thinking of switching over to Business administration. I don't have a true interest at my major but I don't know what other majors to choose, I'd prefer a job that has low stress and offers a good future for me to support my family but I do not know what to do. I considered Journalism but I can't see myself being successful, I also looked at photography but same to that too. I would love a job where I go places and meet people but I don't know what. I took a semester off to rethink my major and future after I graduate but nothing is coming to mind. Any help?

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